How to Fix a Canon U150 Error _Secound Way

Posted by Crystal He on

Hi, Brother

Have you ever used un-original ink cartridge?

Have you ever meet the situation the printer show U150?

Have you ever trouble by these problem?

Now, I'll tell you  another way to resolve your problem.

Please don't appricate to me, for I'm a contributor.

Step 1

Cancel all pending print jobs on your computer. Turn off the printer and open the door to the ink trays, usually located on the top of the printer above the paper tray.

Step 2

Remove your non-Canon ink cartridge(s) from the printer, pushing down on the cartridge to pop it out of place then lifting it out of the printer.

Step 3

Peel the protective seal off a set of official Canon Pixma ink cartridges and push them one by one into the cartridge bays, pushing until they click into place.

Step 4

Push the cartridge door securely closed and turn the printer on. The printer will self-diagnose the new cartridges and the error message will be removed.

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