The way to refill your ink cartridges

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Do you recognize that you always are told you should use original ink cartridge, ohters will destory your printer? Have you already aproved the idea?

Do you think your printer was cheap?  

Yes, I can't agree with you any more. But I want to tell you a fact that you have fall in a scam the manufacture design for you. They supply the cheap printer for you, but they give the most expensive ink cartridges to you. Once you begin the pity tour, you must contribute  much more money to manufacture again and again. 

Congratulations! You have been cheated.

Now, you must take action to get out of the fraud. 

Now, I tell you two way of protecting your benefits.

Firstly, learn how to refill the ink cartridge. But you need to prepare many tool, you also 

Secondly, use remanufactured ink cartridge. You only need speed half price of original, but you can enjoy the same excellent service.

Following, I'll show you the two ways.

 How to refill ink cartridges? Please do as the video.




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